Micro USB Rechargeable Head light

CROPS SX100-MU now features a micro USB for recharging. A high capacity AA battery (1800mA) ensures long run use. In addition, a blinking power indicator will remind you to recharge when necessary. The white LED headlamp provides over 450cd (18LUX) (10lumen). Based on Japan’s lighting standard system, our CROPS-TEC developed this exclusive head light ensure safe and enjoyable riding at night.

□ Product code


□ Product name



White LED×1

□ Battery

Lithium AA battery 1.2v (1800mAh)×1
Full charge : Approx 5hrs.
※AA alkaline battery can be use
※We have included manganese batteries for testing purpose. Alkaline batteries are recommended for actual use.

□ Burn time

Constant 1 : Approx 6.5hrs.
Constant 2 : Approx 8.5hrs.
Flashing: Approx 50hrs.

□ Burn time (Reg. Battery) 

Constant 1 : Approx 10hrs.
Constant 2 : Approx 12hrs.
Flashing: Approx 70hrs.

□ Brightness

Approx 450cd / 18lux / 10lumens

□ Size

92 × 31 × 91mm

□ Weight

69g (with battery)

□ Color

Black / White

​□ Parts

USB cable / AA Li-ion battery×1