CROPS-Pro Heavy duty lock “TSURUGI”

10mm diameter double wired cable with excellent durability and strength The flat construction of the lock part and wire connector facilitates passing the cable through small spaces. Additionally, it provides durability and high-quality design. Cable lock with integrated 5-digit combination lock (resettable combination).

Why do double wired cable provide excellent security?

When attempting to cut the double wired cable with tools such as pliers, wire ➁

 cannot reach the blade near the pivot where the cutting force is greatest, and thiswire ➁ gets in the way, thus making it difficult for wire ➀ to be cut. 

※Proven to show the above result when using small tools such as pliers or nippers. The same results may not be anticipated when using bolt clippers or wire cutters.

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□ Spec.

Double steel cables built-in 5 digits combination(Resettable numbers)


・Cables : φ10mm Double × 1100mm

Head Size : 160 × 33 × 18mm

Weight : 547g


・Cables : φ10mm Double×1800mm

Head Size : 160 × 33 × 18mm

Weight : 846g

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