Strong and light

The 5mm wire is doubled for added durability. Integrated with 3-digit combination lock (resettable combination).

Why do double wired cable provide excellent security?

When attempting to cut the double wired cable with tools such as pliers, wire ➁

 cannot reach the blade near the pivot where the cutting force is greatest, and this

wire ➁ gets in the way, thus making it difficult for wire ➀ to be cut. 

※Proven to show the above result when using small tools such as pliers or nippers. The same results may not be anticipated when using bolt clippers or wire cutters.

​□ Product code


​□ Product name


□ Spec.

3 digits combination(Resettable numbers)

・Cables : φ5mm Double × 1500mm

Head Size : 121 × 29 × 11mm

Weight : 185g

​□ Color

Black / Silver

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