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< Tail light that can be attached vertically and horizontally to the seat post >

Bright and lightweight with 5 LEDs. The included SBS J01 bracket can change the direction of the light.
Surprisingly attached to a bicycle​ It can also be used by attaching it to a backpack belt. 

The light can be mounted horizontally under the seat using the seat rail bracket (sold separately). Slide the clip to install and smoothly remove the light for charging or theft prevention.


□ Product code

​​□ Product name

□ Color
  Body: Black
  / Lens: Red

  Red LED x 5

□ Size (W×D×H)
  68 x 24 x 18mm

□ Weight

​□ Mode
  Constant mode 1:Approx 5.5hrs.
  Flashing mode 1:Approx 40hrs.
  Flashing mode 2:Approx 200hrs.

□ Battery
  Li-ion 320mAh / Full charge:Approx 2 hrs. (Micro USB)
□ Parts
  ZP-SBSJ01 (Silicon bracket)  / Micro USB Cable

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