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What are SDGs?

The term "SDGs" stands for "Sustainable Development Goals".
Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, they are a set of 17 goals that developing and developed countries should work together to achieve by 2030 in order to improve the future of the Earth.


CROPS's intiatives for SDGs

We feel that bicycles are highly effective in reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment.
We will strive to develop environmentally friendly products by utilizing our unique ideas and know-how, and at the same time, aim to provide a comfortable cycling lifestyle to all people.


Balancing Safety and Comfort

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To support children's growth, CROPS has developed training wheels that can be raised and lowered with a single touch. A stress-free start is the first step toward a sustainable and healthy cycling lifestyle. By making it easier for children to choose bicycles as a means of transportation, this will help reduce CO2 emissions in the future.
We are also working to reduce the risks associated with riding bicycles on roadways, and are striving to prevent accidents by, for example, developing a taillight with a direction indicator.

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For an environment where there are no barriers for everyone

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CROPS appoints employees according to their abilities and personalities, regardless of age or gender. This allows for the exchange of opinions from a variety of perspectives. (Current male/female ratio /1:1)
We provide full support for childcare leave and promote the planned use of paid leave. We are committed to ensuring that all employees can work for a long time with peace of mind, and we aim to continue working as a solid team. (The company was established in 1996 / Average length of service of current full-time employees: approx. 8 years)
We are also continuously collaborating with our overseas factories to promote product development from a perspective that extends beyond Japan. We will continue to actively participate in collaborations with global companies and contribute to the creation of a market that is not separated from the rest of the world.

Environmentally Friendly Product Development

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In creating products that will be sustainable in the future, we must focus on environmental issues.
CROPS is focusing on environmentally friendly products, such as solar recharging systems that contribute to energy savings and lights that use rechargeable batteries that can be used over and over again.
Regarding packages, we use environmentally friendly recycled paper. We are trying to reduce the frequency of blister packs and minimize the overall packaging.
At the event, mugs made of sustainable materials were distributed as part of a venue-only campaign.

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