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​Key in kind

actual rock

Attach a photo of the location where the theft occurred (*1)

Copy of theft notification certificate

Bicycle and lock receipt (*2)

Copy of photo ID

Theft consolation money system application form

​If the system is applicable, please fill in the necessary account information and send it together with the actual lock, receipt, etc.

​ *This is not a copy for pre-registration.


​Procedure to receive compensation money in case of theft

・Report the theft to the police
・Keep the theft notification certificate

Send the documents required for application to CROPS

Receiving compensation for theft

Click here to notify CROPS that your bicycle has been stolen.

(*1) Please take a photo of the location where the bicycle was parked when the bicycle was stolen, and include the photo printed on plain paper. Thefts in areas where bicycle parking is prohibited are not covered.

(*2) Please send a copy of the receipt or statement showing the store of purchase, date of purchase, and purchase price.

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