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Conditions for applying the theft condolence system

Image by Mattia Ascenzo
Image by Sachin Khadka

Within 3 years from the purchase of the bicycle

□ I have a receipt or receipt with the date of purchase and the amount.

□ You are registered for crime prevention.

The applicable period of the theft condolence system is

It has been 3 years since the purchase date of the new car.

Meet three conditionsRegister for the system


Purchase the target product

□ I have a receipt or receipt with the date of purchase and the amount.

Only new purchases at the shop

It is a target.



□ Within 30 days of purchasing the target product




Target product "Theft guarantee 50,000 yen"

With the addition of LION ALARM, the guaranteed amount is 70,000 yen!


50,000 yen



7Ten thousand yenguarantee


key type

Five10,000 yen guarantee


dial type


Instructions for use

Step  1     When purchasing a lock & bike

[Storage of required documents]

"Keep the receipt when purchasing a bicycle or target lock"

When using the system in the unlikely event of theft, the purchase date and store name of the target product will be

You will needthereceipt or receipt provided.

"Keep a copy of the crime prevention registration"

Please keep a copy of the crime prevention registration that you subscribe to when purchasing a new car.

Step 2     After purchasing the target lock

[Pre-register  ]

From the date of purchase of the applicable lockWithin 30 daysTo,
Please be sure to register in advance.

Pre-registration is required to determine if the system will be applied in the unlikely event of theft.After 30 days, it will not be covered by the system.

After completing your registration, we will send you the registration results by email or post.Please keep it in a safe place.

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