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The origin of CROPS

“To harvest crops” --Thinking of crops in the context of agriculture.
Seeds are sown. They take root and grow. With great care and labor the farmers harvest the crops. We assemble new and unique ideas.
We select those that merit our attention and design consideration.
We Innovate, simplify, and craft products that carry our name.
CROPS was founded in 1996 based on this conceptual metaphor.

Our concept

CROPS—Our Ideas
Our crops, in other words our products, are well-developed,
This is due to the efforts of our outstanding designers, technicians and manufacturers.

We want to provide products that amaze and delight the user.

CROPS—Our design

The appearance isn’t anything outrageous.
The essence = simplicity
We strive to apply our design philosophy across our product line. Easy to use designs that exhibit simple, functional beauty.

CROPS—Our craftsmanship

Our team works in close collaboration with local technicians and manufacturers.
Through mutual trust we are able to pursue product designs and follow processes that will yield a quality CROPS product.

Attention to the smallest details and continuous improvement of the design is part of our process.
We’ll produce prototypes based on our initial designs. We’ll field test them to evaluate form, fit, and function.

We’ll refine the design using real world feed-back. Through these iterations,
we can fully develop and proudly deliver CROPS products.


Product development

A simple concept is amust


The best choice of material

is made depending

on each purpose

Product inspection

Each and every product must

go through quality inspection

Production prosess


We ask ourselves, "Is it easy

to produce, and if not what

could be the problem?"

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