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​Make a spare key.

You can make a spare key for CROPS products


spare key.png


Dimple key or flat key, set of 2



$6.00 + Shipping

Payment Method:

Credit Card. (We will send you an email for payment after your order.)


・Spare keys do not have key numbers engraved.

・Please note that cancellation after payment cannot be accepted.

- About payment and shipping -

Screenshot 2022-09-16 13.45.png

[ Available payment methods ]

・Credit card

(Visa、MasterCard、American Express)



[ Shipping method ]


​After the product is shipped, you will receive it in 14-20 days. ※Delivery of ordered products may be delayed or take longer than usual due to natural disasters, wars, incidents, accidents, etc., or customs inspections. *Lithium battery products are limited to 2 per shipment.

-Application form- 

■ Product information

*Please note that we cannot make a spare key for any product other than those listed above. If you do not know the product name or part number, please send us an image of the product. (Maximum file size: 15MB)

Send product image

Numbers cannot be engraved on spare keys.

*Please note that due to a change in key specifications, a key with a triangular handle will be replaced with a round handle.

■ Customer information (shipping address)

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