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<Solar-powered Tail Light with Reflector>

This tail light comes with brackets for mudguards and seat stays, and is recommended for cross bikes and other street riding sport bikes. The light can be detached without the tools, and can be removed and recharged even when the bicycle is parked out of sunlight.

□ JIS-compliant Rear Reflective Plate
□ Automatic Flashing At Night Or In Tunnels During The Day By Sensing Vibration And Light/Darkness
□ Continuous Flashing For About 15 hours With 2 Hours Of Solar Charging

2つの取り付け台座が付属 (バックフォーク 及び ドロヨケ用)


The Entire Surface Of The Reflective Plate Emits A Bright Light.

LEDs installed on the backside of the reflective plate are highly visible and support safety when driving at night.


One-touch Detachable

The light can be detached from the bracket, allowing easy recharging and battery replacement with the main unit only.


​□ Product code

​​□ P
roduct name

  Red LED ×1

□ Rechargeable battery
  80mAh NiMH Button cell battery

□ Mode
  Flashing mode:ppprox. 15hrs

  Fender bracket:ZP-RBF01
  Seat stay bracket:ZP-RB12-18 (Pipe diameter approx. 12-18mm)

・This product does no need to replace battery regularly
・Auto flashing by vibration and dark sensor
・The rear reflector is based on JIS standard (JIS=Japanese Industrial standard)
​・Flash for approx. 1 minute 30 seconds after stop


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