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<Hub Dynamo Light That can be Attached to The Front Brake Position>
This light can be used to change from a regular hub to a power generation hub or as a replacement. It has a simple design that matches various types of bicycles and is functional for both city riding and long rides.

□ Switchable Between Auto Lighting And Constant Lighting (lights up when riding)
□ Rust-resistant stainless steel stay
□ Versatile 65cm cable 



Stainless steel center stay with a high-grade look and feel

The hub dynamo light has a strong image in the city cycle. This light which does not require battery replacement or recharging, is the most suitable light for sport bicycle used for city riding. The light does not run out of battery power when commuting to school or work, and automatically turns on in tunnels during the daytime, greatly improving safety when riding on the street.
This is a high-performance light that offers high performance at a low price.


・With the optional bracket "HSPB01", the light can be mounted in the STEM position.

Product number: ZP-HSPB01
Corresponding column diameter: 25.4mm / 28.6mm

This bracket is for mounting the 800HDJ2 on the fork column. When using the HSPB01 bracket, please replace the head spacer of the bicycle with the HSPB01 bracket。


□ Product code

​​□ Product name

□ Color

□ Bulb
  0.5Watt White LED / 6V / 2.4Watt

□ Cable 
  J2 terminal (2-wire type) Length 65 cm

User's manual
PDF data

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