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The UB08 Bracket Included for Further Ease Of Use.


Battery-powered tail light that can be used for up to 360 hours
 The lens is equipped with a switch for easy operation. The UB08 is recommended for street riding as it can be used continuously for a long time without worrying about running out of battery power.

Versatile UB08 bracket
 The UB08, as a universal bracket, can be mounted on aero shaped frames and seat stays as well as regular round seat posts.


Attached bracket: ZP-UB08

We also sell sets and individual repair parts .

Flash 2

Flash 1

Two Flash Modes And Lighting
The flash is effective for assisting bicyclists and for night runs, etc., and allows you to make your presence known in the dark while reducing battery drain. The included bracket (UB08) can be attached to a bicycle helmet.



□ Product code

​​□ Product name

□ Color
  Body: Black  / Lens: Red

  Red LED x 1

□ Size (W×D×H)
34 x 32 x 19 mm

□ Weight

​□ Mode
  Constant mode:Approx 200hrs.
  Flashing mode 1:Approx 300hrs.
  Flashing mode 2:Approx 360hrs.

□ Battery
CR2032 x 1

□ Parts
  ZP-SBSJ01 (Silicon bracket) 

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